Burlingame High School Music Programs

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Introduction to music at Burlingame High School

The BHS Music Department band and choir classes are open to all BHS students and begin on the first day of school as part of the students’ regular class schedule. 

The Band Program and the The Choral Program are both directed by BHS Music Director Kyoko Yamamoto.

The BHS bands and choirs entertain at home football and basketball games, pep rallies, community events, parades, graduation, and numerous concerts. As part of the music education curriculum, all band classes combine together to form the Marching Band and Pep Band. In addition the band and choral ensembles annually compete at Music Festivals such as Heritage Festivals and California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Festivals.

Those enrolled in band and choir are also offered an opportunity to audition for Jazz Band and Chamber Singers (note that Chamber Singers meet after school). Auditions are in the spring for the following school year. 

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Upcoming Events

Saturday April 20, 2024 -  BHS BAND & CHOIR PLAY-A-THON

Wednesday May 1, 2024 @ 7:00pm -  BHS 100TH ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT 

Recent Events

BHS 99th ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT * April-26-2023

DISNEY TOUR / BHS Wind Ensemble * January-15-2023 

DISNEY TOUR / BHS Jazz & Choir Ensemble * January-15-2023

LITTLE BIG GAME * November-5-2022 (videos)

LITTLE BIG GAME * November-5-2022 (pictures)

BHS BAND NIGHT FIELD SHOW * October-27-2022 (video)

BHS BAND NIGHT FIELD SHOW * October-27-2022 (photos)

Burlingame Pet Parade * September-17-2022 (video)

BHS Spring Concert * April-28-2022 (videos)

BHS Spring Concert * April-28-2022 (photos)

BHS Band & Choir Play-A-Thon * April-23-2022 (photos)

BHS Band & Choir Play-A-Thon * April-23-2022 (video)

98th Annual Winter Concert * December-8-2021

Jazz Band Performance @ SMUHSD Jazz Festival * Nov-19-2021

Congratulations on the great performance at the SMUHSD Jazz Festival! 

SMUHSD Jazz Festival * Nov-19-2021

Little Big Game 2021

Band Camp 2021-2022